Kate (Music Video)

A Image Pro Production
Directed by Michal Braum.
Starring: Paul Pedana, Kasia Nowak, Zosia Adamek, Filip Jodłowski.
Screenplay by Paul Pedana.
Director of photography : Karol Lakomiec
Assistant producer: Martyna Weryńska
Make-Up Artist: Justyna Jaroszewska


Nobody knows what it means
That feeling that stops your time
But also that keep you alive..
And I do not wanna leave..
Cause I love the way you disagree with me
While you are laughing all the time..

No one will know that
No one will tell you what I say to you
Nobody except me
It’s not a secret is clear like the sun what you
Were telling me
But I will keep it inside me

I love the way you breathe
I just need to kiss your lips and let them
takes me away from here

I know why you don’t want to say
That you want to sleep with me
But I know that when you say “you can” you mean “I want”

No one will know that
No one will tell you what I say to you
Nobody except me
I love your wariness
When you don’t want to cross the road
While the lights are red
but I just love the way you are..

I love your voice , your feet and your nails
To stay here and right here with you..
I wanna feel you beside me..

I can see in you something more than just a smile..
And this is how lovely you are..



Recorded at Paride Lanciani`s Oxygen Studios
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios (London)

Thanks to: Apartamenty pod Jeleniem (Rynek Podgórski, Krakow), MAMA Resto Bar - Kazimierz (Plac Nowy, Krakow), and Qubus Hotel Kraków.

Special thanks to Alex Selvaggi and Mateusz Wcisło.