The multi talented and award winning musician, Paul Pedana, is achieving popularity with his brand new “My kind of Frank”, an amazing Ol’Blue Eyes tribute show, which is leaving spectators from all around the world speechless, for his incredible vocal similarity and personality.

Already with many shows booked in several countries, Paul Pedana is having a boom in requests to perform his exclusive Sinatra tribute show.

The after pandemic tour will continue on July 10th at Umbria’s Luxury Nikis Resort, Italy for the opening of the art exhibition by Nico Van Lucas and Nina Gehl.
Paul sings and performs a selection of the best hits by Frank Sinatra in a peculiar performance aimed at bringing back the spectators in times.

The artist has declared that he would never have thought of being compared to one of the greatest voices that ever existed, so much so that he feels embarrassed by this comparison.
“I just wanted to entertain people and not aim so high” said the Italian born singer during an interview.